Bags and bag closures

We stock a huge range of paper and plastic bags.  Clear plastic bags in lightweight and heavyweight, rubbish bags, minigrip bags, biodegradable bags, supermarket bags, paper bags, carry bags, cellophane bags, produce bags, polypropylene bags etc

  • Paper Bags Paper Bags (18)

    We have a wide range of Paper Bags for all Packaging requirements.  Paper bags are recyclable and biodegradable which makes them a good environmental option.
    Please see our extensive range of Paper Bags listed below.

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  • Multiwall Bags Multiwall Bags (1)

    Multiwall bags are strong and durable. Ideal for packaging grains, flour, cement, food, seeds, chemicals and other heavy and bulky materials.  They come in a range of sizes and number of layers.  Available in small quantities or larger pallet loads.  Can be custom printed - please enquire with our sales staff.

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  • Carry Bags Carry Bags (15)

    We stock paper carry bags and plastic carry bags.  We have carry bags to suit everyone. From the basic singlet bag, which also comes in a biodegradable plastic and different colours, to a higher quality coloured punched handle plastic carry bag in many colours and sizes. We have paper bags to suit small accessories up to large garments. There are many options to choose from and colours are also available. Minimums are small, you don't need to buy whole cartons at a time.

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  • Wire Ties Wire Ties (3)

    We stock a range of galvanised and plastic coated wire ties. If the size you need is not listed, please contact us as we can order in for your specific requirements.  We also stock the bag closing tools.  Stainless steel ties can be ordered in if required.

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  • Polythene Bags Polythene Bags (5)

    We stock a wide range of polythene bags.  Stock clear polybags in light, medium and heavy duty.  Plastic carry bags, butchers bags, produce bags and so many more.  Custom sizes can be made, please enquire.

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  • Polypropylene Bags Polypropylene Bags (4)

    A very clear bag for presentation.  Ideal for cards and crafts.  Available in self seal and non self seal.  Custom sizes can be made to order, please enquire.

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  • Cellophane, Micro-Perforated bags and Custom Printed Bags Cellophane, Micro-Perforated bags and Custom Printed Bags (3)

    We stock a range of cellophane bags. They are food grade and biodegradable and are available in packets of 100 or in boxes.
    Microperforated bags are a food grade bag with tiny perforations to allow the bag to breathe.We have Vienna loaf, french stick and cobb loaf bags.
    Custom printed bags can be made to any size and colour.  Have your company or shop logo printed on your bags to promote your business. 

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  • Minigrip Bags Minigrip Bags (1)

    A range of recloseable plastic bags.  Available in very small sizes, ideal for jewellery, carvings and beads and up to larger sizes for bigger items. Available in packs of 100 Some sizes are available in a heavier grade and write on panels.  Great for packing bulk items like screws and parts and can be opened and closed as often as you need to.

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  • Food and Produce Bags Food and Produce Bags (5) We stock clear punched plastic produce bags, either flat packed or on a wicket. We also have netlon bags which are good for onions ,garlic and bulbs.  View More Details
  • Mattress Bags Mattress Bags (1) We have clear plastic Mattress bags on a roll - Single, Queen and King.  We sell the Quenn Mattress bag in singles.  Ideal for transit and storage of your mattress. View More Details
  • Rubbish Bags, Carton Liners, Bin Liners Rubbish Bags, Carton Liners, Bin Liners (3) We stock rubbish bags, wheelie bin liners, handicart liners, carton liners in many sizes.
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  • Specialist Bags Specialist Bags (7) We also stock - Butchers Bags, Wood and Kindling Bags, Drycleaners Bags, Bottle Bags, Shoulder Covers and Large Garment Bags, Netlon Bags etc View More Details
  • Impulse Bag Sealers Impulse Bag Sealers (3)

    Impulse heat sealers- have heating elements (one or two) of Nichrome placed between a resilient synthetic rubber and a release surface of film or fabric. The heating elements are usually not heated. When the materials are placed in the heat sealer, they are held in place by pressure. An electric current heats the heating element for a specified time to create the required temperature. the Jaws hold the material in place after the heat is stopped, sometimes with cooling water: this allows the material to fuse before stress can be applied.

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  • Singlet Bags Singlet Bags (1)

    Singlet bags (supermarket style bags) - available in small, medium, large, extra large and Jumbo. Large available in black.. We also have a range of Degradeable Singlet bags - small, medium and large.

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  • Vacuum Packers Vacuum Packers (4) A new range of Vacuum Packing Machines are now available. 4 models available - bench top models and a stand alone model on wheels.  Ordered in upon request.  Please enquire for more information. View More Details