Health and safety, Matting and Speciality products

We stock 3M dust masks, respirators, filters, earplugs, safety glasses, earmuffs.  We also have a wide range of gloves, from disposable vinyl, latex and nitrile gloves to drivers cowhide gloves and thermal store gloves.  We have nomad matting and safety walk.  We also have a range of non-adhesive safety barrier tapes. Shockwatch labels.

  • Gloves and Clothing Gloves and Clothing (10)

    We stock a wide range of disposable gloves - Vinyl, Latex, Nitrile, Latex Free, Powdered and Powder Free - in different sizes. We also have disposable crimped hats, coveralls, overshoes. We stock a range of warehouse, builders, store and drivers gloves.  Magnus X tradie and Framers gloves - great for builders. Showa gloves - ideal for gardening, store work and general good protection for your hands for all domestic work.

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  • Respirators and Dust Masks Respirators and Dust Masks (9)

    We stock 3M dust masks, respirators and accessories.  Filters, cartridges and starter kits.
    For more information see www.3m.com/occsafety

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  • Eye and Ear Protection Eye and Ear Protection (5)

    We stock a range of 3M safety glasses and goggles and ear plugs and muffs.

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  • Safety Barrier Tape and Signage Safety Barrier Tape and Signage (2)

    Printed Barrier Tapes warn against hazards or dangerous work zones with specific warning messages.  The durable, yet lightweight tape comes in easy to use rolls so that it can be easily put up quickly to block off large areas of danger.  Available in many options and can be custom printed.

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  • Tiltwatch Labels Tiltwatch Labels (1)

    Tiltwatch Labels are a tilt indicating device for goods that must remain upright.  There is a Tiltwatch label and Tiltwatch Plus Label.

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