• Gift Packaging Gift Packaging (19)

    We have a wide range of Gift Packaging available.  Ribbons, Bows, Tissues, Gift Paper and Gift Boxes.  

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  • Bags and bag closures Bags and bag closures (74)

    We stock a huge range of paper and plastic bags.  Clear plastic bags in lightweight and heavyweight, rubbish bags, minigrip bags, biodegradable bags, supermarket bags, paper bags, carry bags, cellophane bags, produce bags, polypropylene bags etc

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  • Strapping and cordage Strapping and cordage (20)

    PET Strapping is a polyester alternative for steel strapping . It is used for strapping medium and heavy loads in place of steel strapping. It is the ideal strapping when high tensile strength is required. PET strapping has good tensile and break strength.

    Polypropylene strapping is designed for light to medium strapping applications.  Polypropylene strapping is available in various widths and lengths. Polypropylene strapping has high elongation at break but tends to have unrecoverable stretch with constant load.

    Steel strapping is available in different widths and comes in a ribbonwound or oscillated wound roll.  Steel strapping is generally used for heavy duty strapping where high strength and minimal stretch are required.We stock a wide variety of tools, seals and dispensers.

    Composite strapping is an alternative to steel strapping. It is a synthetic strapping with filaments running through it. It is abrasive resistant and non corrosive.  We stock the tools and buckles.

    We would be very happy to give a demonstration on any of the types of strapping.

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  • Food service and beverages Food service and beverages (3)

    We stock Nescafe coffee in 500g and 1Kg tins.  Milo and tea. Sugar. Wooden Stirrers. Thermo cups, paper cups, lids. Serviettes. Noodle boxes, cake boxes, pizza bases and boxes. Greaseproof paper and food films.

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  • Office and marking products Office and marking products (98)

    We stock a wide range of stationery products.  Markers and pens.  Paint markers, chinagraph pencils. Staplers and staples. Rubberbands. Office books. Cutter knives, scissors and blades.  Tape measures, rulers and scales. Photocopy and fax paper, eftpos rolls.  Pricing guns and labels. Dymo labelwriters and labels. And so much more.   If you can't see it on our website, please enquire (not everything is listed).

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  • Tapes and adhesives Tapes and adhesives (2)

    Packaging tapes, masking tapes, cloth tapes, inseal foam tapes, VHB foam tapes, aluminium tape, electrical tapes, outdoor sealing tapes, spray adhesives, Scotchweld adhesives, teflon tapes, safety walk, office tapes and so many more.  If you have a specific application we can provide the tape for the job.

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  • Cleaning, hygiene and wiping products Cleaning, hygiene and wiping products (4) View More Details
  • Protective products, kraft and decorative wraps Protective products, kraft and decorative wraps (1) View More Details
  • Cartons, cases, boxes, and boards Cartons, cases, boxes, and boards (22)

    We stock the widest range of cartons in the South Island. No minimums.  RSC cartons. White diecut boxes and parts boxes. Cardboard display units, wardrobe boxes.  Cartons and boxes can be made in custom sizes and printed. Please enquire.  We also stock a range of boards. Protective sheets of corrugated board, grey fila board and pasted formakote for picture framing. Board can be cut to size.

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  • Polythene, stretch and shrink films Polythene, stretch and shrink films (19)

    We have a wide range of buiding and agricultural film on a roll. From 1m wide to 5m wide, 50-250 micron, black and white.
    Palletwrap, hand bundling wrap, andywrap and many types of dispensers.  Machine stretchfilm and pallet caps.
    Timberwrap, carpet protection film and surface protection films. Cryovac heat shrink films.
    Polythene tubing from 75mm wide up to 1200mm wide in 50 micron and 125 micron.

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  • Health and safety, Matting and Speciality products Health and safety, Matting and Speciality products (28)

    We stock 3M dust masks, respirators, filters, earplugs, safety glasses, earmuffs.  We also have a wide range of gloves, from disposable vinyl, latex and nitrile gloves to drivers cowhide gloves and thermal store gloves.  We have nomad matting and safety walk.  We also have a range of non-adhesive safety barrier tapes. Shockwatch labels.

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    A desiccant is a product or material that can absorb moisture from the air, thus reducing the humidity in a controlled environment and thereby protecting goods from moisture damage. The Superdry range of desiccant bags are environmentally friendly. The calcium chloride and gelling polymers turn moisture into a gel so there is no leaking and the moisture will not evaporate and return to the environment.RoHD, REACH and ECO certified. Absorbs 300% of it's own weight.

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