Tapes and adhesives

Packaging tapes, masking tapes, cloth tapes, inseal foam tapes, VHB foam tapes, aluminium tape, electrical tapes, outdoor sealing tapes, spray adhesives, Scotchweld adhesives, teflon tapes, safety walk, office tapes and so many more.  If you have a specific application we can provide the tape for the job.

  • Packaging Tapes Packaging Tapes (12)

    We stock a wide range of Packaging tapes to suit your specific requirements. We also stock many brands to suit your preference. 3M tapes, NZ Tape Specialists, Bear Tape, Sellotape, Panfix Packaging tapes.  We have PVC tapes and Polypropylene tapes. High quality, high performance packaging tapes to cost effective and budget tapes. Machine tapes and many styles of tape dispensers.

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  • Masking Tapes and Films Masking Tapes and Films (27)

    We have a range of masking tapes to suit many applications.  We have a range of brands to suit your preference.  General purpose crepe paper masking tape, painters masking tape, outdoor PVC masking tapes, automotive masking tape and fineline masking tapes.
    We also stock masking films and dispensers.  Masking film is available in many different widths. We stock 3M, NZ Tape Specialists, Bear Painters Green, Washi (NZ Tape Spec).

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  • Dispensers Dispensers (14) View More Details
  • Coloured Vinyl Tapes Coloured Vinyl Tapes (3) View More Details
  • Double Sided Tapes Double Sided Tapes (11) We stock a range of double sided tapes - transfar tapes, VHB foam tapes, acrylic high bond, double sided tissue tapes etc.  If you are not sure which tape you need, please enquire with our customer service staff. View More Details
  • Floor Marking Tape Floor Marking Tape (1)

    •    3M 471 Heavy Duty Vinyl Floor marking tape for high traffic areas is excellent for line marking applications
    •    Coloured plastic film tape with a rubber adhesive creates long lasting, highly visible marks
    •    Heavy duty and applicable to most surfaces
    •    Easily applied color coding, markings, and identification to aisles, lanes, hazard areas, tools, and equipment
    •    Excellent fine line paint masking
    •    Protects surfaces against abrasion and chemicals
    •    Adds decorative trim that also reinforces and seals
    •    Splices and enhances with high visibility
    •    Seals riveted seams

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  • All Weather Tape All Weather Tape (1)

    •    A clear heavy duty polythene film used for repair applications
    •    A UV stabilised film with a long aging aggressive acrylic adhesive to give excellent outdoor UV performance without hardening or rotting
    •    High impact and abrasion resistance
    •    Conforms well to irregular surfaces
    •    Used for the repair of horticultural plastic and glass houses
    •    Ideal for joining and repairing heating and ventilation ducts and thermal screens in plastic and glass houses
    •    Can be used for temporary repairs to cracked glass panes or inconspicuous repairs to plastic roofing

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  • Paper and Framing Tapes Paper and Framing Tapes (3)
    • A special paper tape designed for the Picture Framing industry
    • A buff coloured saturated kraft paper with a hot melt adhesive
    • Acid free, strong, flexible and static free
    • Hand tearable
    • Used for picture framing, ink ducts as used by silk screen printers, sealing parcels and book binding
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  • VHB Foam Tapes VHB Foam Tapes (4)

    VHB Tapes offer a flexible, durable, versatile and strong bonding option for amultitude of industries and applications. VHB tape’s closed cell acrylic construction helps to seal against moisture and most solvents, and provides long term resistance to UV and temperature cycles.  The tape’s unique foam acts as a shock absorber for outstanding impact resistance. Ideal industries include; truck/bus/trailer body assembly. Commercial construction, Signage, metal fabrication and electronics.

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  • Foam Tapes Foam Tapes (13)

    We stock a wide range of Inseal single sided and double sided foam tapes. We also have in stock some Tesa foam tapes, Danco foam tapes and Tape Spec foam Tapes.

    Tape spec link: http://tapespec.co.nz/shop/Industrial+-+Construction+Tapes/PVC+Foam+Tapes.html

    Acme/Inseal foam tapes link: http://www.acme.co.nz/Shop/Inseal-Foam-Tapes

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    • Printed Tapes and Labels Printed Tapes and Labels (9)

      Printed tape and rippa labels. Fragile, Handle With Care.  Continuous roll or perforated on roll.  Rippa Dangerous Goods labels.

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    • Cloth Tapes Cloth Tapes (4)

      Cloth tapes available in many different widths and colours.

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    • Foil Tapes Foil Tapes (1)

      •    High thermal conductivity to maximize efficiency of heating or cooling
      •    High heat reflectivity to protect temperature-sensitive materials against heat damage and hot spots
      •    Protect parts from flame damage
      •    Seal and protect sensitive surfaces from dust and moisture
      •    Resist UV degradation for long-term performance

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    • Document Enclosures Document Enclosures (3) View More Details
    • Speciality Tapes Speciality Tapes (13) View More Details
    • Scotchweld Hotmelt Adhesives Scotchweld Hotmelt Adhesives (3)

      3M Scotchweld hotmelt adhesives become fluid when heated and quickly wet the bonding surface. They cool, harden and reach bond strength in seconds.  You can move assemblies immediately to keep production flowing. This helps eliminate clamps, fixturing and drying and saves time, energy and space. Adhesives are available to bond wood, foam, fabric, cardboard and more.

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    • Hook and Loop Fasteners and Dual Lock Hook and Loop Fasteners and Dual Lock (3)

      Hook and Loop strips and dots. Self adhesive or non-adhesive.  Hook and loop - Black or White.  3M scotchmate and Dual Lock Products. 

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    • Spray Adhesives Spray Adhesives (8)

      Spray adhesives are handy, self contained, portable, adhesive applicators that are easy to use with no clean up required. Many aerosol adhesives have an adjustable nozzle to give a controlled lace spray pattern that minimises overspray, clean up and waste adhesive.

      3M citrus cleaners can be used for cleaning surfaces and removing marks or adhesive overspray.

      Industries = Furniture, graphic arts, point of sale, upholstery, displays, insulation

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    • Bumpons Bumpons (8)

      3M™ Bumpon™ Protective Products can be used as feet, stops, spacers, and protectors for a wide variety of applications. Bumpon products are composed of a durable, resilient elastomer combined with an aggressive, high tack pressure sensitive adhesive providing:

      • Excellent skid and abrasion resistance
      • Long aging resiliency from cracking or hardening
      • Excellent adhesion on low surface energy surfaces and powder coatings
      • Resistance to marring and staining
      • Fast and easy application with no drilling required
      • Available in multiple colors, shapes and sizes for aesthetics
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    • Safety Walk Safety Walk (7)

      A 3M Anti-slip self adhesive tape; prevents falls in heavy traffic work areas, ramps, walkways, loading docks, machinery, vehicles and aircraft. Low profile to reduce tripping. Other varieties of treads include conformable, easy-clean, fine-resilient and medium-resilient are also available. We stock most types and widths.

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    • Superdots Superdots (1)
      SuperDots are used by various industries – such as print finishers, contract packers, direct mail companies, packaging businesses and product assembly firms.

      They can be used for attaching items such as CDs and free samples to magazines, packaging and other promotional literature. And since SuperDot’s bond is instant, productivity goes up while the cost of labour comes down – and there’s no need for expensive hot-melt glue machinery.
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    • Bag Sealing Tape Bag Sealing Tape (1)

      Coloured vinyl tape for bag sealing machines.

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    • Cellulose Tape Cellulose Tape (1)

      A general purpose office cellulose tape. For sealing bags, prcels etc. Available in 33m and 66m rolls.

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    • Stationery Tapes Stationery Tapes (2) View More Details
    • UHB Tapes UHB Tapes (2)

      UHB Ultra high bond foamed acrylic double sided tape. Designed for permanent bonding & mounting applications on most substrates.

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    • Electrical Tapes Electrical Tapes (4)

      Tapes used in the electrical trade.

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    • Agricultural/Horticultural Tapes Agricultural/Horticultural Tapes (5)

      Tapes used in the agricultural/horticultural industry.  Insulation tapes, BG film joining tapes, waterproof cloth tapes, All weather tapes.

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    • Scotchweld Structural Adhesive Scotchweld Structural Adhesive (4)

      3M Scotchweld structural epoxy and acrylic adhesives in duo-pak cartridges are two part structural adhesives conveniently packed and used with handheld applicators to provide consistent mixing, easy application and reliable results.  Use as an alternative to screws, rivets and welding. Whatever the properties you need - durable adhesion, flexibility, heat and environmental resistance, void filling - you will find a scotchweld product to meet your requirements. http://solutions.3m.com/wps/portal/3M/en_US/3M-Industrial/Adhesives/Promotions-New-Products/Structural-Adhesives/

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    • DANCO Foam Tapes DANCO Foam Tapes (0)

      DANCO foam tapes - available in different densities, thicknesses and widths. If the foam tape you are looking for is not listed in our product list, please enquire as we can order in specifically for you.

      Please note that we can CUSTOM SLIT to ANY width.  No large minimums. No long lead times.

      Series 77 -A soft foam tape. A general purpose, foam tape ideal for use in non-critical applications requiring positive seals on irregular surfaces or when flex and conformability to seal tight radius curves are required. Closed cell structure completely seals out air, moisture, light and dust when compressed at least 30%.

      Series 78 -Medium Density PVC.  Excellent dimensional stability and a cushion against heavier loads. Foam density permits clean die-cuts and swirl free fastener penetration.

      Series 72 - Urethane. A soft open cell Polyurethane Foam. Suitable for use as an effective dust and insect filter, light duty cushioning and vibration dampening applications.

      Series 75 - PVC/Nitrile. A closed cell soft grade skinned PVC/Nitrile foam coated with an aggressive adhesive, that is suitable for all general purpose sealing and closure applications. Ideal to insulate against temperature, sound and vibration and is UV and chemical resistant.

      Series 76 - Polymeric Foam. A closed cell foam which exhibits excellent dimensional stability, cushioning and vibration dampening qualities, whilst offering UV resistance and chemical resistance. Does not become brittle or exhibit loss of properties over time and wide temperature range. Ideal for more sophisticated industrial, automotive and construction applications.

      Series 73 - Urethane foam. Grey. Produced from a dense cross linked polyethylene foam. This fine, closed cell composition provides high strength a smooth surface and excellent compression recovery properties.


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    3M Flashing Tape 8067

    3M Flashing Tape 8067

    3M All Weather Flashing Tape is a self adhered, waterproof flashing membrane designed for sealing around openings and penetrations in exterior walls as well as for sealing joints in rigid air barriers.

    3M Scotch hIPA Clean 300 Spray cleaner

    3M Scotch hIPA Clean 300 Spray cleaner

    hIPA Clean 300 is an IPA Spray that cleans surfaces prior to the application of a tape or adhesive.

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