NZ Tape Specialists Range of Single Sided Foam Tapes

We are now selling a range of Single Sided Foam Tapes from the NZ tape specialists range of tapes. Soft density Foam1 and Medium density Foam2. These foam tapes are available in a range of thicknesses and widths. The single sided PVC foam tapes are made from a closed cell conformable foam structure and are coated one side with a long life, high bond acrylic adhesive. This tape is excellent for long life sealing against air, moisture, light and dust penetration (best if compressed to 30% of it’s thickness). Foam tapes provide excellent absorption of vibration and is a great insulator against air, temperature and moisture. QUICK & EASY TO USE No clean up mess which occurs with liquid adhesives. No special tools are required for applying the tape. ECONOMICAL Preparation time is minimal. Installation is faster & waste is reduced. SLIT TO WIDTH SIZE IN NZ Roll widths are slit to required sizes in New Zealand. Fast delivery to site throughout New Zealand PVC Foam Tapes are used in the following markets; BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION Example: Used as water seal between curtain walls & wall panels. Excellent for anti-vibration & as a noise seal in flooring & wall construction. HVAC Example: Used as a positive seal in heating & air conditioning duct work. TRANSPORTATION Example: Used in the bodywork to seal & reduce vibration & noise in cars, trucks, trailer, bus, boat & campervan construction. Often die cut into gasket shapes to fit closure designs. INDUSTRIAL & MANUFACTURING Examples: Used as a permanent cabinet assembly seal, display cabinets, machinery enclosures. Electronic equipment & appliance assembly. We can supply this tape in single rolls or in bulk quantity. For a quote on your specific requirements, please enquire with customer services so we can ensure you get the right tape for your application and the best price possible.