Hexcelwrap – eco bubble alternative

Hexcelwrap is a new eco bubblewrap alternative.  Made from kraft paper, it has a diecut cut pattern throughout the roll which expands to create a 3D honeycomb pattern.   The hexcelwrap comes in a natural kraft which we stock and it is also available in white upon request. The 3D honeycomb pattern creates a protective wrap … Continued

About biodegradable and compostable plastics in NZ

The Ministry recommends reusable bags over single-use plastic bag alternatives marketed as compostable or biodegradable. These alternatives can be harmful to nature if they are not processed properly. What is biodegradable plastic? Biodegradable plastic is plastic that will break down through the action of living organisms, usually microbes. To fully break down, biodegradable plastics require … Continued

The truth about Oxo-degradable plastic packaging

Oxo-degradable plastics are being produced and sold in many countries, with society being led to believe they safely biodegrade in nature. Yet significant evidence suggests oxo-degradable plastics do not safely biodegrade but fragment into small pieces, contributing to microplastics pollution. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy initiative has published a statement calling for a ban on oxo-degradable … Continued

New Detpak GO Food Packaging – Recyclable

The new Detpak GO range of food packaging is one of the leading ranges of sustainable and recyclable food packaging.  The food containers and trays are made out of high quality, uncoated brown board.  The GO Range of food packaging is 100% recyclable and compostable.  The board is also made from sustainably sourced paper pulp.  … Continued

Bamboo Eco Toilet Paper – Ecoroll

Ecoroll is the new plant based, plastic free toilet paper made from Bamboo. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet which makes it a very good and sustainable product to use. Ecoroll is FSC approved.  What does FSC approved mean? The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is the highest level of forestry … Continued

Environmentally Friendly Alternatives to Bubblewrap

Many of our customers are asking the question.  Do you have an environmentally friendly alternative to Bubblewrap? It all depends on the application you need it for. Do you use bubblewrap for protection or void fill?  There are options, of course! Firstly, if you are using bubblewrap as a void fill, the best options available … Continued

3M™ All Weather Flashing Tape 8067

3M™ All Weather Flashing Tape 8067 3M™ All Weather Flashing Tape 8067 is a waterproof flashing membrane for sealing around openings in exterior walls. 8067 All Weather Flashing Tape has a unique adhesive which allows it to stay stuck in high and low temperature applications.  It even adheres to damp surfaces.  Ideal on the building … Continued