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    "Biodegradable Additive" Rubbish Bags and Bin Liners

    These bags have a biodegradable additive D2W, and are designed to reduce the impact of plastic as litter. Time frame for degradation depends upon environmental conditions and requires oxygen to be present. The degradation process can take several years. When disposed of in landfill, Eco-pal bags are unlikely to degrade – but degradation is possible. If degradation occurs it will take significantly longer than if the bag is in the open environment. If degradation occurs, it is followed by biodegradation and no harmful chemicals remain. These products are not suitable for composting.

    How does D2W work?


    100% Compostable Bin Liners and Produce Bags (plastic free)

    • Ecopack’s range of 100% Compostable, plastic free and biodegradable bags and bin liners are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic bags.
    • They are a more sustainable packaging choice and are specifically designed to be sustainable from start to finish.
    • Ecopack's compostable bags are made from a natural starch corn starch and the printing is done with water based eco-friendly inks—a true alternative to the traditional oil-based plastics that can take up to 1000 years to break down, if at all.
    • Fully certified to meet international standards for both home and commercial composting (Please note that Commercial Composting is NOT available in some areas in NZClick Here to see where there are facilities located in NZ)
    • Ecopack’s Compostable Bags begin to decompose in a compost pile taking approximately 90 days to break down (depending on compost conditions such as temperature) leaving no harmful residues in the process. This eliminates the impact of many tons of plastic bags sitting in our landfills for thousands of years or ending up in our oceans negatively impacting our marine life.
    • How to use compostable bin liners:
    • Avoid: Leaving in your bin too long, change every 2-3 days / excessive moisture / sharp objects / using past the expiry date this is 8 months from printed date on label.
    • Certification standards Achieved:

      ·         Australian Standard (AS4736-2006)
      ·         European Standard (EN13432-2000)
      ·         American Standard (ASTM D6400)

    Carton Liners

    High density, lightweight, polythene carton liners. Prevent leakage from carton contents.  Ideal for meat, poultry, fish and other food products.

    Available in 3 stock sizes:

    • Small 10Kg 425 x 300 x 450mm
    • Medium 20Kg 560 x 360 x 560mm
    • Large 25Kg 635 x 375 x 660mm

    Earth Rated Compostable Dog Poop Bags (vegetable-based)

    • Earth Rated® vegetable-based bags are made of natural ingredients and meet the composting certification ASTM D6400 guidelines.
    • Now an alternative to plastic bags, these unscented bags can be disposed of in a home compost environment, or commercial compost station where pet waste is accepted.
    • Remember to only put in a home composting system that won’t be used for the fruit and veggie patch; it’s best to keep this compost for flowers and trees only.
    • 228x330mm 4 rolls per box 15 bags/roll
    • Not recommended for home composting if the compost is to be used in a vegetable garden
    • Please check if you have a commercial compost facility in your region that accepts pet waste (not available in Christchurch).
    • Earth rated compostable bags are made from natural corn starch bio-resins which in moist ideal conditions degrade to carbon dioxide and water without leaving harmful residues in the process. They are certified to strict international standards.

    Polythene Rubbish Bags

    We stock a range of rubbish bags to suit a variety of sized rubbish bins. Mostly packed in 50's.