Moving/Shifting House Boxes

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    Moving House Cartons and Packaging

    Need cartons for packing up your house? We have listed below the most popular house shifting packaging items.

    • The most common size cartons for Moving House are the #10 and #9 cartons.  These cartons have the same base size so they stack neatly on top of each other.
    • #10 carton is also known as a tea chest size. This carton is quite big so it's great for clothing, linen, bedding, pillows, lamps etc
    • #9 carton has the same base as a #10 but half the height.  This carton is good for general household items like ornaments, appliances, shoes, laundry and bathroom items, kitchen items etc
    • #7 carton is a bit smaller than a #9 carton but it is good for things like books and CD's.  Books tend to get quite heavy when packed into a carton so a #7 carton allows for just enough books to make sure the carton is not too heavy to lift.
    • Newsprint sheets for wrapping glasses, cups, plates and china
    • Packaging Tape for sealing up cartons
    • Vivid Markers for labelling cartons
    • Fragile Packaging Tape for labelling cartons that contain Fragile Items
    • Bubblewrap for wrapping framed prints and breakable items