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    Solopol® Natural POWER WASH

    Uses the power of Debasol®, Deb's patented combination of solvent free, natural sunflower oil extracts with cornmeal and ground olive oil stone scrub to provide a highly effective ‘deep-clean’ performance. Effective on most ingrained and difficult to remove industrial soilings. Contains moisturiser to help ensure regular use does not affect skin hydration.

    Features Benefits

    • Australian Environmental Choice Award
    • Solvent Free Heavy Duty Hand Cleansing Lotion
    • For Grease, Oil, Carbon Black, Bitumen
    • Contains Debasol solvent free cleansing power, a patented combination of sunflower oil esters and non ionic surfactant for the removal of heavy contamination
    • Contains a unique blend of cornmeal and olive stone natural scrubbing agents to give an effective deep-down clean without damaging the skin
    • Contains moisturiser and conditioner to help keep the skin soft and supple
    • Pleasantly fragranced
    • Available in 2L and 4L collapsible cartridges
    • Dispensers avaialable Free On Loan

    Stokoderm® Sun Protect 50+ Sunscreen

    UV protection sunscreen
    • UVA | UVB
    • High performance - Sun Protection Factor of 50 provides very high protection against the sun's UVA and UVB rays
    • Water-resistant formula - withstands immersion in water
    • Moisturises - contains a high level of moisturisers to condition the skin
    • Pleasant to use - contains vitamin E to soothe and condition the skin
    • Perfume-free - no added perfume. Ideal for people who are sensitive to perfumes and prefer products which do not have perfume added
    • Neutral pH - ensures compatibility with the skin and reduces the risk of any possible irritation
    • Silicone-free - the product will have no adverse effect if in contact with surfaces prior to the application of paint or surface coatings
    • Versatile - can be used under clothing to minimise the risk of penetration of the sun’s rays through the fabric onto the skin
    • Where to use: Outdoor workers exposed to UVA & UVB Sun Rays
    • Features and Benefits (pdf)
    • Dispenser available Free On Loan