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    • I am eco™ cutlery is attractive and durable, made from bioplastic for an environmentally-friendly choice.
    • I am Eco Cutlery can withstand temperatures up to 85 degrees C.
    • Made of bioplastic
    • Strong and sturdy construction
    • Pleasant feel in the hand
    • I am eco™
    • PLA Bioplastic

      Polylactic acid (PLA) is a natural starch derived from plants like corn and sugarcane, that is processed to create a clear plastic-like film, or bioplastic. Unlike the traditional polyethylene (PE) or polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastics, these innovative films and bioplastics are annually renewable. They can be used to line and protect paper and board packaging as well has moulded into cutlery and container lids.

      Crystallised polylactic acid (CPLA), a different variation of bioplastic, is used in products that need to withstand higher temperatures. This form of PLA can cope with temperatures up to 85 degrees Celcius without warping, deforming or breaking. This makes it perfect for cutlery, hot cup lids, and soup containers.

    Paper Straws

    There is a growing demand from consumers for sustainable alternatives to plastic disposables. More businesses such as cafes, restaurants, fast food and hotels chains have already taken action by eliminating plastic straws as part of an effort to reduce their environmental impact.

    To satisfy this increasing demand, Castaway® has introduced a range of paper straws. Castaway® paper straws are made from 3-ply premium food-grade paper and come in various shapes and colours. These straws are suitable for cold use and are recyclable and compostable. They’re perfect for serving customers that are looking for ‘on-the-go’ drinking convenience!

    • 205mm x 6mm
    • 250/packet
    • Compostable
    • Recyclable
    • 3 ply food grade paper