Eco Friendly Food Packaging

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    Detpak Go Range Eco Food Packaging

    • The Detpak GO Range is a new range of sustainable food packaging.
    • Made from high quality, uncoated brown board.
    • The GO Range is 100% recyclable.
    • GO Range includes: Food trays, burger boxes, Chip boxes, Meal boxes.
    • GO Range features the Australasian Recycling Label - this is a new labelling system for Australia and NZ for customers to best understand the end of life options for their takeaway packaging.  The Detpak GO Range is one of the first disposable packaging ranges to feature this recyclable symbol.
    • Once food scraps are removed, the GO range can easily be recycled through kerbside bins.
    • Recyclable, Sustainable, Compostable
    • Ideal for takeaway shops, food stalls, community events etc

    Ecoware Brand Bamboo Food Containers and Lids

    • Bamboo food containers are freezer friendly, oven safe to 220°C and microwave safe, making it the ideal range for winter meals and all takeaway food.
    • Certified commercially compostable (check your local council guidelines).
    • Water and Oil resistant
    • Hot content Friendly
    • The 700ml bamboo container only fits the clear bioplastic PLA-700 lid
    • The 850ml and 1100ml containers fit the bamboo lid

    Ecoware Brand Sugarcane Bowl, Lid and Plates

    • Our range of tree-free, cane pulp packaging includes Ecoware sugarcane bowls and lids, certified for both home and commercial composting. Strong and sturdy fibres mean these bowls are great for hot foods like ramen, soups and curries. Best of all, they're certified home compostable, so everyone can play a part in diverting organic waste from landfill.
    • 700ml and 950ml Sugarcane bowls fit the 195mm sugarcane lid
    • The 500ml sugarcane bowl is lid free (no lid available)

    Endura Corrugated Range of Takeaway Containers

    The Endura range is made with a sturdy, corrugated fluted board, so it's ideal for hot and greasy foods. It's also 100% compostable making it a great choice for the environment.

    • Compostable
    • Recyclable
    • Sustainable

    I am eco™


    • Strong and sturdy construction
    • Perforation allows box to be divided into two trays
    • Can be custom printed to promote your brand


    • 100% recyclable & compostable
    • Suitable for hot and greasy, savoury & sweet food

    Packing Suggestions:
    Takeaway Meal Deals, Burgers With Fries, Fish & Chips, Fries, Catering Packs, Meal Deliveries, Grilled Meats


    I AM ECO - Tin Tie Bags

    I AM ECO Kraft Tin tie window bags are lined with PLA plastic.

    Each I am eco™ product is made from sustainable, natural raw materials and is compostable* – without compromising on function or quality.

    • Sugarcane, corn and trees are used to create I am eco™ products. We source sustainable materials, research innovative renewable products and investigate new processing and packing options to reduce carbon emissions and our impact on the environment.
    • This range takes the guess work out of environmental responsibility. Make the switch to sustain your relationship with the environment.
    • Compostable products will break down into natural elements within 90 days when treated in a commercial facility as defined by European standard EN13432. 

    PLA Bioplastic
    Polylactic acid (PLA) is a natural starch derived from plants like corn and sugarcane, that is processed to create a clear plastic-like film, or bioplastic. Unlike the traditional polyethylene (PE) or polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastics, these innovative films and bioplastics are annually renewable, naturally biodegradable, and compostable. They can be used to line and protect paper and board packagng as well has moulded into cutlery and container lids.

    Crystallised polylactic acid (CPLA), a different variation of bioplastic, is used in products that need to withstand higher temperatures. This form of PLA can cope with temperatures up to 85 degrees Celcius without warping, deforming or breaking. This makes it perfect for cutlery, hot cup lids, and soup containers.