Recyclable PET Cups

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    Detpak Clear Recyclable PET Cups

    • Detpak's NEW clear Recyclable Cup range is perfect for cold beverages, slushies, thick shakes, juices, chilled deserts and so much more.
    • Simple 2 lid fit system - 1 lid for 8/10oz cups and 1 lid for 12/16/20/24oz cups
    • Made from quality PET (Recyclable in NZ in kerbside yellow bins)
    • Can be custom branded with up to 6 colours
    • The base of the cups featuer the volume (brim-fill) in ounces and millilitres, and the rim diameter.
    • Crystal clear for quality presentation
    • 1000 cups/carton and 1000 lids/carton
    • Made in an ISO:9001 and BRC accredited manufacturing facility
    • Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a fully recyclable plastic which can be placed directly in kerbside recycling bins.  The PET is then melted down and made into items like furniture, carpets, shoes etc. (Some plastics like PLA bioplastics cannot be recycled and go into landfill, making PET a better choice for reducing waste).