Hearing Protection

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    3M™ 1120 Uncorded Earplugs

    The unique articulated design reduces pressure inside the ear canal for improved all day comfort. Soft hypo-allergenic foam provides greater comfort and is less sensitive to temperature.

    • Articulated design reduces ear pressure for greater comfort
    • Soft hypo-allergenic foam delivers all day wearer comfort
    • Earplug shape ensures a high level of protection for the wearer


    3M™ 1426 Economical Earmuff

    An entry level earmuff with high level attenuation designed to provide basic protection. Super economical, the over the head design provides maximum versatility for use with other PPE.

    • Convenient and Easily disassembled for cleaning for a more hygienic earmuff for the wearer.
    • No direct air leaks into the ear cup for higher attenuation.
    • All plastic design complying with dielectric demands.
    • Comfortable
    • Wide soft cushion design for increased comfort for wearer, better attenuation
    • Designed to be compatible with other PPE

    3M™ Foam Earplugs 1100, Uncorded

    3M™ 1100 uncorded foam earplugs feature soft, hypoallergenic foam and a tapered design to fit comfortably in the earcanal.

    Soft, uncorded foam earplugs that conform to the unique shape of each ear for excellent hearing protection and comfort.

    • Smooth, dirt resistant surface provides better hygiene
    • Earplugs are easy to roll down for quick and easy fitting
    • Tapered design fits comfortably in earcanals
    • Soft polyurethane foam is hypoallergenic
    • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 29 dB, CSA Class AL
      Foam Ear Plug 11001100REarplug Dispensing Unit with Stand 391-1000

    3M™ PELTOR™ X Series X4A Premium Headband Earmuff

    The X-Series earmuffs are 3M’s latest advancement in hearing conservation. New technologies in comfort, design and protection all come together in this ground breaking earmuff line. The X4 series utilizes a newly designed spacer, specially formulated foam liners and innovative ear cushions to help improve attenuation. This lightweight, lower-profile earmuff helps with compatibility with other personal protective equipment.
    It is designed for protection against moderate-to-high level industrial noise and other loud sounds. It features an electrically insulated wire headband, often referred to as “dielectric”.

    • The wire headband offers consistent pressure over prolonged wearing periods
    • Earcup pivot points tilt for optimum comfort and efficiency
    • Incredibly light weight & low profile
    • Replaceable ear cushions and foam liners (hygiene kit HYX4)

    Suggested Applications:

    • General Industry
    • Brand: Peltor™
    • Colour:Black/Green
    • Cord Type: None
    • Hearing Protection Style: Over the head
    • Product Family: Earmuffs
    • Product Type: Earmuffs
    • SLC80 Rating: 31 dB (Class 5)


    Peltor Protac Situational Awareness Earmuffs

    Professional-Quality Hearing Protection (26dB NRR)

    Environmental microphones for level-dependent hearing protection and ambient listening.

    • 3.5 mm listen-only stereo input for connection to external devices (e.g. cell phone, two-way radio, Ipod).
    • Voice guided menu system for ease of use and adjusting settings.
    • Auto power off, the headset will turn off after 4 hrs of non-use to save battery.
    • Low-battery warning to inform you when to change batteries
    • To reduce corrosion caused by sweat and moisture, the electronics are located in a separate compartment of the cup
    • Available in both in headband and hard hat attached versions (black).
    • Occupational use only.

    For more information 3M link: http://solutions.3m.com/wps/portal/3M/en_US/3M-PPE-Safety-Solutions/Personal-Protective-Equipment/Products/Product-Catalog/~/3M-PELTOR-ProTac-III-Headset-Black-Headband?N=8719290+3291767205+3294857497&rt=rud