Lockdown Kit

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    Classroom Lockdown Survival Kit

    • When classroom lockdown strikes your kit is close to hand. Remove the seat and lid unit to access one of the biohazard bags. Use this bag to load the contents from the bucket into whilst familiarizing yourself with the items. Remove the second biohazard bag and line the bucket placing the lid and seat unit back on top. Drop in the chemical pouch and place the bucket in a clear corner. Using the blue tarpaulin and duct tape create a privacy screen across the corner. This is now ready for use
    • 20L Bucket/ 10Kg


    • 1 x 20L portable toilet bucket with seat and lid
    • 3 x Water Bottles 1.5L
    • 25 x plastic cups
    • 3 x 3600 calorie food bars
    • 1 x Aquatabs water purification tablets 10s
    • 1 x First Aid Kit
    • 3 x Emergency thermal blankets (can also be used to cover windows)
    • 1 x Dynamo wind up crank radio flashlight
    • 2 x Emergency Glowsticks
    • 1 x Toilet paper Roll
    • 1 x Hand Sanitiser 237ml
    • 4 x Pairs sterile powder-free latex gloves
    • 2 x Biohazard bags
    • 1 x Packet of wipes 15s
    • 1 X Chemical Toilet Pouch
    • 1 x Blue Tarpaulin 6'x8'
    • 1 x Duct Tape 10m
    • 1 x Survival Whistle
    • 1 x Packet Playing Cards