Bundling Film

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    Andywrap Bundling Film

    • Quality Andywrap brand of bundling film in small convenient and easy to use rolls.
    • Available in 100mm x 150m rolls - in boxes of 10 rolls with a dispenser 
    • Bulk box of 40 rolls (without dispenser).


    Bandwrap Bundling Film

    Bandwrap - bundling film available in various widths. 50mm core.

    Ezywrap Bundling Film

    100mm x 150m EZY-Wrap Bundling film. Great for wrapping and bundling products together. Easy to use with the applicator. Buy a full carton and receive an applicator in the carton or buy single rolls. Applicators can be bought individually.

    Hand Grenades

    Bundling film with an extra bit of core to act as a handle. Only available in one size 125mm x 300m. 18 rolls per carton.