Protective Bubble Packaging

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    Anti-Static Bubble Protective Wrap

    55.00Protects sensitive electronic equipment from electrostatic discharge, shock and vibration.

    • Wrap comes in an easily identifiable pink colour
    • 10mm bubble diameter
    • Anti-Static Bubble is made from a combination of LDPE resin and anti-static agent, offering adequate anti-static and cushioning protections
    • Material:Made from LDPE resins with anti-static additive.
    • Function:Electric insulation, electric conduction, anti-static and shock cushioning protections.
    • Application:Electronic products, IC boards, computer parts and precision instruments.

    Bubble Bags

    Bubble bags - come in a range of stock sizes but can also be made to size.  Can also be made in anti-static bubble.

    We stock a range of sizes in plain and anti static.  


    Bubble Wrap® IB is a flexible, protective air-cellular solution that can be inflated on-demand in whatever quantity is required for each order. Shipped flat, stored flat, and ready when you need it, Bubble Wrap® IB drastically reduces the impact of freight costs and carries a significantly smaller carbon footprint.

    • Protect better with 30%+ more protection than competitive bubble wrap of the same size
    • Minimizes the physical footprint needed to store materials, allowing for operational expansion and increased revenue
    • Minimizes material handling time and increases time spent on production
    • Creates less waste by avoiding messy, excessive wraps and void fill
    • Minimizes downtime with best-in-class equipment proven to maximize throughput with on-demand, easy-to-use inflation
    • Responsible packaging: Material is lightweight and inflates on-site taking up a fraction of the truck space to ship conventional packaging materials and reduces the transportation impact
    • Sizes offered: Available in two different film widths, a variety of standard and premium film options

    NewAir IB Express Void Fill Machine

    For information and pricing on this machine, please enquire with Customer Services.

    Eco Bubble Wrap

    • After more than 2 years in development, Polycell is pleased and excited to announce the pending release of our environmentally friendly ‘Oxo-B Eco Bubble’.
    • Oxo-B Eco Bubble incorporating ‘Reverte’ Oxo-biodegradable masterbatch is the result of running numerous trials using a wide range of additives over a long period of time.
    • We settled on the use of Reverte as the end result in the degradation process of our products far outweighs that of some like products that currently exist in the market place.
    • Incorporating ‘Reverte’ Oxo-biodegradable additives into our polyethylene resins will ensure that once Eco Bubble’s useful life is over and it has been discarded into a rubbish tip or landfill it will degrade (crack) and finally breakdown into smaller pieces with the aid of UV light, oxygen and or heat.
    • Once this has occurred, the smaller pieces are then subjected to ingestion by microorganisms within the Rubbish heap or landfill and will finally biodegrade into CO2 & H2O plus biomass making Polycell’s Oxo-B Eco Bubble the most environmentally friendly bubble in Australia & New Zealand.
    • Plastics incorporating Reverte will ultimately biodegrade into CO2, H2O and biomass when discarded whether ending up in any viable landfill or another viable part of the waste stream.

    • Compared with other oxo-degradable additives available on the market, Reverte additives contain a two part control package which differentiates it as follows.

    • Firstly, the Reverte additive control package is photo-initiated which means that the oxo-breakdown reaction doesn’t significantly begin before the product is exposed to UV light and or heat. Reverte therefore gives an enhanced level of confidence compared to other oxo-biodegradable additives, particularly with respect to ‘fit for purpose’ product life times.

    • Secondly, Reverte has secondary phase biodegradation promoters that include microcellulose powder which assist in the growth of microbial colonies. This speeds up and facilitates the ultimate biodegradation of the plastic following the initial oxo-breakdown.

    • Can I recycle Eco Bubble? For a business or company that uses Eco Bubble Wrap, there are a number of recycling companies that will recycle large commercial quantities. These companies will collect the Eco Bubble and arrange for it to be recycled in New Zealand, or alternatively exported and recycled in a different country.
    • For more information on companies that will collect and recycle Eco Bubble, please click on the following Links
    • Astron - Plastic scrap collection
    • Smart Environmental Services
    • Waste Management
    • Reclaim 

    Standard Bubble Packaging

    Bubble wrap is a pliable transparent plastic material used for packing fragile items. Regularly spaced, protruding air-filled hemispheres provide cushioning for fragile items.

    "Bubble wrap" is a generic trademark owned by Sealed Air Corporation. Also known as Polybubble, airbubble...we stock it in a range of sizes, from small retail rolls to large bulk rolls.

    Standard bubble is 10mm diameter and clear. We also stock a Jumbo Bubble which is 20mm diameter bubble.