Filament Tape

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    Filament Tape - Tape Spec Brand

    Premium range of reinforced Filament tapes designed for high strength packaging requirements. Super heavy duty carton closure, bundling, strapping, tabbing & reinforcing tape.


    • Made with glass filaments for very high tensile strength & resistance to tearing. Coated with a premium synthetic rubber adhesive which ensures long life holding power.
      Very low stretch & elongation properties.

    FPF1 Bi-Directional Filament Tape

    • BOPP film with cross weave filaments + Synthetic Rubber adhesive
    • For extra strength medium to heavy weight carton closure.
    • For use on recycled board (testing recommended).
    • Securely holds metal & plastic pipes, rods & sheets during manufacturing & transportation.
    • Used as book/folder spine reinforcing tape ensuring product long life.
    • Temperature rating: 0°c to + 65°c.
    • Once applied correctly suitable for freezer conditions at - 20°

    Scotch® Filament Tape 8981

    Scotch® Filament Tape 8981 is a clear polypropylene backing reinforced with glass yarn filaments with a synthetic rubber resin adhesive.
    Scotch® Filament Tape 8981 provides 43 n/m width tensile strength ideal for strapping, bundling and reinforcing applications.

    • High strength filament reinforced strapping tape for L-clip box closing applications, reinforcment of five panel folder, full overlap, full telescoping and clamshell corrugated boxes.
    • Synthetic rubber adhesive has good shear strength to fibre board surfaces for bundling, strapping and reinforcing applications.
    • Reinforced strapping tape for heavy duty applications.