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    3M™ All Weather Flashing Tape 8067

    3M™ All Weather Flashing Tape 8067 is a self-adhered, waterproof flashing membrane designed for sealing around openings and penetrations in exterior walls as well as for sealing joints in rigid air barriers.

    NEW PRICING AND NEW LOOK - For March 2018

    • Thin for a reliable and convenient fit into corners and under siding
    • Fast, convenient application;
    • No adhesive melting or staining in the summer heat
    • Split-liner for easy and accurate positioning of tape, especially long lengths
    • Sticks to itself, reducing wastage
    • Versatile to stick securely to most common building materials at temperatures ranging from -18°C to up to 49°C
    • Self seals around nails and staples to prevent moisture intrusion
    • Tough to resist punctures and tears during application and service life
    • Compatible with most building sealants, especially 540 & 755
    • Does not require primers, staples or other mechanical fixings
    • Adheres to damp surfaces
    • BRANZ Appraised 775 (2012)
    • The service life of the tape is expected to be equal to that of the cladding
    • Resists UV exposure for up to 3 months


    • Flashing exposed timber and building wrap in accordance with the New Zealand Building Code, prior to window installation in wood framed construction
    • Sealing joints in building wrap and Rigid Air Barriers
    • Flashing pipe penetrations through building wraps and Rigid Air Barriers
    • When installed properly as a concealed flashing in vertical walls in frame construction, it prevents moisture intrusion and avoids the problems caused by water infiltration.

    Available in 3 roll sizes: Price listed is a single roll price. For larger quantities, please enquire.

    76mm x 22.8m
    152mm x 22.8m
    228mm x 22.8m

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