Sellotape Masking Tapes

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    Sellotape 5810 Fastmask Masking Tape

    Sellotape® FastMASK is a flexible crepe paper masking tape, using a solvent-based natural rubber adhesive, designed for a wide range of masking applications.

    • FastMASK has excellent conformability to irregular surfaces and, is thin enough to avoid excessive paint build up on the edges.
    • FastMASK is designed for short term applications only and should be removed within 24 hours of application.
    • Prolonged exposure to moisture can result in masking tape failing to remove cleanly.


    • General Purpose
    • Bundling
    • Temporary holding applications in industry
    • Textured coatings applications
    • Light duty packaging
    • Splicing
    • Labeling

    Sellotape 5850 Exteriormask Tape

    Sellotape® ExteriorMASK™ is a blue vinyl film coated with a specially formulated clear adhesive. ExteriorMASK is coated with a rubber resin, solvent based adhesive. As a result, ExteriorMASK™ is resistant to moisture and is therefore suited to exterior paint. Prolonged exposure to U.V conditions is not recommended.

    • Being a vinyl tape, ExteriorMASK™ has a fine edge, which will provide clean edges needed in all painting applications.
    • ExteriorMASK™ is hand tearable and should be removed within 10 days of application.


    • Where moisture is present – ideal for exterior surfaces or marine application.
    • Will conform to irregular shapes.
    • Spraying applications or other uses where fine lines are needed
    • Specially formulated adhesive suitable for more demanding applications

    Sellotape 5870 Industrial Glazing Masking Tape

    Sellotape® Industrial/Glazing Mask is a flexible crepe paper masking tape with a natural rubber adhesive designed for masking on glass. Being resistant to most silicone sealants, means Industrial/Glazing Mask is ideal for glass repairs, both typical glazing and auto glazing.

    • Industrial/Glazing Mask has excellent conformability to irregular surfaces. It is solvent resistant and will leave no residue on removal. It has excellent quick stick, panel adhesion and holding properties. Suitable for most paint masking uses where excellent cornering with clean removal is required.
    • Industrial/Glazing Mask should be removed within 3 days after application. Exposure to moisture can result in Industrial/Glazing Mask failing to remove cleanly. Not recommended for outdoor exposure.


    • Professional painting uses for masking glass
    • Auto and boat glazing repair
    • Glass protection from Silicone Sealants
    • Industrial spraying, roller or brush painting.
    • Glass drillings
    • Light duty sand or shot blasting
    • Textured coatings applications
    • Boat Manufacturing (fibreglass)