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    3M 227 Paper Tape

    3M's 227 self adhesive paper tape is a quality product for sealing off the backs of frames in the picture framing industry.

    With a little firm pressure on both frame and backing board the tape bonds instantly and holds extremely well under all humidity conditions.

    • Applications: Carton closure, Picture Framing, Repairing damaged paper backing, Splicing and roll closing of paper and board rolls

    ECO Paper Packaging Tape

    • A versatile, Brown Natural Kraft paper tape, laminated with a thin layer of PE (polyethene) to provide a waterproof coating and easy unwind off the roll. It is coated one side with a very High Tack, long life Natural Rubber Adhesive, ideal for bonding to most difficult cardboard grades.


    • Made from natural Kraft Paper & coated with a Natural Rubber Adhesive System which provides extra High Initial Tack & Strong Bond to most cardboard grades. 


    • Good temperature performance long life & high initial adhesion. Can be used in most freezer environments. If applied in normal, dry temperature conditions prior to storage.


    • Easy tearable by hand for ease of use.

    Designed to provide a natural alternative to conventional Plastic Packaging Tape. Suitable for Light to Medium duty carton closure & sealing applications. Very good long term bonding to most cardboard types (test on 100% recycled board grades). Can be used on most plastic packaging to secure, seal and hold. Environmental benefits to various manufacturers & exporters. PE laminate provides good moisture/water resistance. Easy unwind – for ease of use. No plastic wrapping is used on these tapes.


    Gummed Paper Tape

    • Gummed paper tape (water activated kraft paper tape) is coated with vegetable glue and used in framing and packing applications.
    • This tape offers improved packaging presentation and uses a permanent adhesive, which means that tape can not be removed without visible proof, making your goods tamper resistant.

    Gummed Paper Tape and Dispenser

    • GP04 Brown Plain Kraft Paper Water Activated Tape
    • 70mm x 165m (10 rolls per carton)
    • GP06 Brown 6 Strand Reinforced Kraft Paper Water Activated Tape
    • 70mm x 165m (10 rolls per carton)
    • Water activated paper tape.  Coated with a vegetable gum that is water activated.
    • Environmentally friendly tape option.
    • Recyclable
    • Compostable
    • YouTube Video for more information

    Paper Tape - Tape Spec Brand - FPP1 - Fatback Tape

    A versatile range of natural brown coloured Kraft Paper tapes


    • FPP1 is made from strong Kraft Paper & coated with a high adhesion long life solvent rubber adhesive. Called a "flatback"tape because it has the ability to adhere to its own backing upon application.

    FPP1 FlatBack Paper Tape

    • Kraft Paper Backing + long life solvent rubber adhesive.
    • A versatile, conformable Paper tape used in the picture framing market & as a general carton closure tape (suitable for most recycled boards).
    • Excellent for paper tabbing & splicing

    Paper Tape - Tape Spec Brand - FPP2 - Easy Release

    A versatile range of natural brown coloured Kraft Paper tapes
    FPP2 is made with a waterproof PE plastic surface laminate & coated with a high tack rubber adhesive which bonds instantly to most substrates. Smooth unwind release for ease of use.

    FPP2 Easy Release Paper Tape


    • PE Laminated Kraft Paper + Aggressive solvent rubber adhesive.
    • Excellent strong paper packaging tape which can be used on most recycled carton boards (testing recommended).
    • Used as a carpet underlay sealing & joining tape.

    Sellotape 6270 Flatback Paper Tape

    Sellotape® Flatback Paper Tape has a heavy film and quick, sure sealing properties with a natural rubber/resin adhesive.
    Sellotape® Flatback Paper Tape is strong, flexible and static free. It is also hand tearable and tan in colour.
    Sellotape® Flatback Paper Tape offers the advantages of high quick stick and excellent holding properties. It performs well
    through a large range of temperatures and humidity.


    • Picture framing
    • Sealing parcels
    • Book binding
    • Splicing tape
    • Suitable for all types of cartons