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    3M™ Scotch-Weld™ EPX™ Mixing Nozzles

    Choose 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ EPX™ Mixing Nozzles for efficient application of 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Structural Adhesives in Duo-Pak (DP) cartridges. Each nozzle provide thorough mixing and precise placement of two part adhesives and potting compounds.

    • Provides thorough mixing and precise placement of two-component structural adhesives
    • Tapered tip can be cut for bead size
    • Available in a variety of designs to fit all cartridge sizes
    • Minimize adhesive waste; easy to replace with new nozzle to use remaining adhesive in a cartridge
    • Used nozzle can be left on cartridge to provide a good seal until ready to continue dispensing

    Provides Thorough Mixing and Precise Placement
    Our 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ EPX™ Mixing Nozzles perform to exact requirements for easy uniform application. These 3M approved accessories work with 3M Duo-Pak cartridges to simultaneously meter, mix and apply two-part adhesives and potting compounds. And, the tapered tips can be cut for precise bead size.

    • 3M Scotch-Weld Static Mixing Nozzles 10:1 ORANGE 62-9154-9136-9 10:1 Mixing Nozzles suited for DP-8005 3M Scotch-Weld Static Mixing Nozzles 10:1 ORANGE
    • 3M Scotch-Weld()TM) EPX Mixing Nozzle, Square Green  62915491484 

    Recommended Applications:

    • Attach to 3M Duo-Pak structural adhesive cartridges
    • Dispense with 3M EPX Manual or pneumatic applicators

    MAC Spray Paint - Stencil Spray

    A large format (500ml) versatile forestry, farm and construction marking paint designed to be long-lasting lasting and remain colour-fast on a range of surfaces.

    • Quick drying, waterproof, special UV absorbers to increase light fastness – ideal for harsh conditions
    • Ergonomic wide-format spray actuator (button) designed to reduce finger fatigue and improve productivity
    • Conical actuator enables narrow (writing) to broad (stencilling) spray pattern
    • Toluene and CFC free
    • Utilises DME propellant to minimise shaking time and eliminate blocking
    • Colours: Black, White, Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Dark Green, Yellow, Orange.